Flowers, Pre-Rolls & Wax Crumbles

Flowers, Pre-Rolls & Wax Crumbles

Are you looking for the best CBD flowers, blunts or wax at a great price? Are you fed up of inferior products that just don’t provide the results you were expecting? At The Dispensary, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of CBD products. From iconic strains such as Northern Lights to Moon Rocks, Super Lemon Haze and Gorilla Glue, our organically grown flowers are packed full of CBD and deliver big-hitting flavour.

In addition to our flowers we also stock pre-rolled CBD blunts that are free of tobacco and provide a convenient way to occasionally enjoy CBD without worrying about the negative effects associated with THC. Pre-rolled blunts come in a reusable tube and are sealed with a tamper-proof label to help ensure maximum freshness.

For anyone looking to maximise their enjoyment and take advantage of the entourage effect, our range of full-spectrum CBD wax crumbles really deliver. The Pinnacle CBD crumble is a potent concentrate that is packed full of 400mg of CBD while also containing other cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD flowers and crumble can be enjoyed in a variety of ways which involve heating of the plant to activate the cannabinoids. Some popular ways to enjoy CBD crumble and flowers are by smoking, vaporising and cooking. Like most CBD products we’d always recommend that you start off with a small dose and slowly increase the amount you use until you feel the desired effect.

At The Dispensary, we source all of our CBD products from top suppliers and manufacturers in the USA and Switzerland to bring you the best products at a very competitive price point. All of our CBD flowers, pre-rolls and wax crumbles are extracted from organic industrial hemp to provide the highest CBD content.

Take a look at the full range of products below and order online now for same day dispatch and free Royal Mail First Class delivery on all orders over £39.